DMA International ECHO Awards



We've kicked off the 2014 International ECHO™ Awards—the Ultimate Team Award. Only the ECHO Awards honor the combination of agency team talents and collaboration required to produce the world's best response marketing campaigns.

You've engaged and stimulated your target to respond. You've earned outstanding recognition for your clients. Now, it's time to earn outstanding recognition for your hard work.

The International ECHO™ Awards are the industry's most rigorously judged marketing competition. All entries are strictly evaluated on three equally import criteria: strategy, creative and results. Because that's what excellence in Response Marketing is all about—creating strategically smart work that stimulates the desired action. Show us what you've got.

This year, we pay homage to the big tournament taking place in Brazil. So, be on the lookout for this nifty desktop football game you'll be receiving in the mail to help your ULTIMATE TEAM "strategize". If you didn’t receive one, you can print one out (in PDF) here.

For a "How to assemble" video of this nifty desktop football game, click here.

This year we've also produced a "How to Enter & Win" video for simple tips on how to submit your entries and be well on your way to WINNING an ECHO. To watch the video, click here.