DMA International ECHO Awards

Award Descriptions

  • ECHO Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

    Over a three-round process, judges choose the award-winning campaigns based on: (1) overall creative concept which includes copy, graphics and production quality, (2) marketing strategy and (3) response results. Winners are based on scoring methodology that applies the entrant's score average of the Final Round (round 3). An entry needs to reach a certain minimum score to qualify for a Gold, Silver or Bronze International ECHO™ Awards. Therefore, it is possible for some categories to have multiple winners at each level, while other categories might have a single Bronze winner, or no winners at all. All scoring is done anonymously and confidentially.

  • The Diamond ECHO Award

    The most prestigious and, considered, the best-in-show award of the International ECHO Award competition is awarded to the top campaign that has taken strategic thinking to a whole new level and encompasses strategy, creative and results…the 3 pillars of ECHO. The winner is selected by the ECHO Board of Governors from the Gold winning campaigns.

  • ECHO Green Marketing Award

    The DMA ECHO Green Marketing Award recognizes the most creative and strategic use of marketing to deliver outstanding results, from a response or ROI perspective, while producing impacts that affect the environment in positive, measurable ways. The award is open to all ECHO entrants, in any media, market or channel -- and can market any product or service. The award recognizes sustainable marketing practices—not "green" products or services themselves. This award will be judged and chosen by experts from the DMA Ethics Policy Committee, in cooperation with the DMA ECHO Board of Governors. For more details and information about the ECHO Green Marketing Award, click here.

  • Personal Connections ECHO Award, sponsored by Pitney Bowes

    This award is given to a campaign for relationship marketing programs that strengthened personal connections over a period of two or more years. The award recognizes excellent use of data, customer insights and direct marketing to create more personal & lasting customer relationships.


    Building more personal customer connections depends on using customer insights. In Strategy and Creative Execution, entrants will be judged on application of the following principles:

    • Talk to customers like you know them personally
    • Make every message personally relevant
    • Communicate with customers the way they personally prefer (web, text, email, mail, etc.)
    • Learn from every customer connection so the next contact builds on the personal relationship
    • The campaign's Results will show how they grew their business and built stronger customer relationships by using these principles of making more personal direct marketing connections

    Through a combination of individual reviews and collaborative discussion, judges from Pitney Bowes will determine which entries represent an effective balance of strategy, creative execution and results. Marketers must also balance traditional vs. customer-driven strategies, creative and metrics. The campaign will be evaluated on the mutual value created for both the customer and the marketer by building more personal connections and selected from the Gold winning campaigns.

  • USPS Gold Mailbox Award, sponsored by United States Postal Service


    The Gold Mailbox Award is chosen based on the most innovative use of mail as critical component of an omni-channel strategy. The ECHO Board of Governors and a representative from the USPS selects the award winner among the Gold, Silver and Bronze ECHO Winners.

  • Henry Hoke Award, sponsored by Hoke Communications, Inc.


    Selected by Hoke Communications, this award reflects the campaign with the most courageous solution to a difficult sales marketing problem. The recipient is chosen out of the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Through a combination of individual reviews and collaborative discussion with the ECHO Board of Governors, a representative from Hoke Communications, Inc. will determine which top scoring entries meet the specific award qualifications and will determine eligibility for this special award.